Our New Summer Menu: Shining a Spotlight on our Favourite Seasonal Ingredients

As the warmth of summer graces us, there’s no better time to appreciate the fresh, vibrant produce that the British countryside offers. From juicy peaches and heritage tomatoes to fresh ChalkStream trout, we carefully select fresh, seasonal produce to bring out the depth of flavour in each of our dishes. Read on to discover some of our new dishes where you can enjoy these seasonal heroes!​
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Burrata, Charred Peaches, Heritage Tomatoes, Smoked Tomato Oil

This vibrant dish sums up the essence of summer. The burrata, with its creamy texture, pairs harmoniously with the smoky sweetness of charred peaches. The true highlight, however, is the heritage tomatoes. These deliciously sweet tomatoes are locally grown and carefully selected. They are also free from chemicals and pesticides, offering the freshest flavour. The addition of smoked tomato oil ties the elements together, celebrating the rich, natural tastes of summer produce.

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Chargrilled Fillet of ChalkStream® Trout, Yoghurt, Cucumber,Pickled Mustard Seeds, and Garden Herbs

Our chargrilled fillet of ChalkStream® trout showcases the pristine quality of fish sourced from the world-famous Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire. ChalkStream® is renowned for raising some of England’s finest trout in these crystal-clear waters. The fish’s delicate, flaky texture is perfectly complemented by refreshing yoghurt and crisp cucumber slices. Pickled mustard seeds add a tangy contrast, while garden herbs infuse the dish with earthy notes. Each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to highlight the superior quality of the trout and the freshness of summer produce.


Dark Chocolate Cup, Rich Chocolate Mousse, Strawberry Gelato, Chocolate Rubble

Our dark chocolate cup, filled with a rich chocolate mousse, is elevated by the inclusion of strawberry gelato. Made with the season’s ripest strawberries, the gelato provides a sweet, fruity balance to the rich chocolate. Topped with a sprinkle of chocolate rubble for added texture, this dessert is a testament to the blending of flavours, showcasing the peak of summer’s harvest.
This summer, our menus are a celebration of the the fresh, vibrant flavours that only this season can bring. From the pristine rivers of Hampshire to local organic fields, each ingredient in our dishes is chosen for its quality and taste. By celebrating British produce, our dishes offer an educational journey through the finest seasonal ingredients available.

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