Our Signature Dishes: A Culinary Journey Through The Crown

The Crown: Culinary Excellence in the Cotswolds

Delight Your Palate at The Crown: Experience Our Signature Dishes!

Welcome to The Crown, our sister pub nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds. This cosy pub and restaurant in Cirencester, prides itself on delivering exceptional food and drink experiences, sourcing the finest ingredients from local producers and crafting each dish with care. From land to sea, and garden to grill, our signature dishes invite you to savour the essence of indulgence and celebrate the art of dining.

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1: From The Land

At The Crown, we honour the heritage and quality of British meats, partnering with Aubrey Allen, esteemed purveyors of premium cuts. Our dedication to celebrating the best of the British Isles is evident in every bite of our land-inspired dishes. Sink your teeth into the indulgent 28-day dry-aged chuck steak burger, with house sauce, crispy onions, and served alongside beef dripping skin-on fries. For a comforting embrace of flavours, relish in the warmth of our Braised Norfolk chicken & bacon pot pie, enriched with a leek and tarragon cream sauce, and crowned with a flaky all-butter puff pastry lid.

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2: From The Sea

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the sea, as we source our day boat fish from the renowned Brixham Fish Market. Delivered fresh daily, our seafood delights include Crisp battered haddock and chips, paired with triple-cooked beef fat chips and homemade tartare sauce. Dive into the luxurious flavours of our Scottish smoked salmon and prawn fishcake, accompanied by a poached Clarence Court rich yolk egg and decadent lobster mornay.

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3: From The Garden

Inspired by the vibrant offerings of nature, The Crown celebrates the seasonal abundance of fresh produce sourced from William Reynolds. Our garden-inspired dishes pay homage to the earth’s bounty, offering a plentiful of flavours and textures. Savour our Spring vegetable and wild garlic risotto, adorned with charred asparagus and crowned with freshly grated Parmesan. For a tantalising twist, elevate your dish with the addition of grilled pancetta, adding depth and richness to every forkful.

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4: ‘Dine In With Us’ Menu Featuring Grosvenor Classics

Indulge in the flavours we’ve introduced at an incredible value with our ‘Dine In With Us’ Menu. For just £45 for two every Thursday, you can sample all the dishes we’ve highlighted, thoughtfully paired with a carafe of wine. From comforting classics to indulgent delights, our menu offers something to suit every palate. Whether you’re drawn to the robust tastes of our land-inspired creations, the fresh seafood flavours, or the vibrant essence of our garden-fresh dishes, our ‘Dine In With Us’ Menu ensures an exceptional dining experience within the welcoming confines of The Crown.

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5: Discover The Robata Grill

Experience the artistry of grilling with The Crown’s Robata Grill. Our selection of dishes cooked over open fire can be found on our A La Carte Menu, showcasing the exceptional cuts of 28-day dry-aged meat sourced from Aubrey Allen.
Immerse yourself in the tradition of ‘fireside grill,’ where each dish is infused with smokiness and succulent flavours. This includes the robust elegance of our Grosvenor Collection steak frites, featuring a tender rump cap steak paired with house green pepper sauce and beef dripping skin-on fries

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